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Remedial or Sports Massage London – Where to Begin

Last updated Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

Remedial or Sports Massage London – Where to Begin

When I talk to anyone wanting remedial or sports massage London, I explain that there are many different practitioners using this term to describe their massage style. It’s certainly one of the most common treatments that people ask for.

While massage is very effective at relaxing aching or sore muscles, it may not provide the best answer for you in the long-term. Most people are familiar with the extensive range of sports massage benefits. That’s why is an extremely popular type of therapy but it does not address any underlying issues that are causing soreness – or necessarily help you cope with the rigours of London life.

Despite the name, sports and remedial massage attracts a wide audience of people including office workers who suffer the consequences of many hours of sitting at desks or pay the price for commuting to and from the City, carrying heavy bags. I also provide massage to many sports people and gym bunnies, as well as those with physical jobs. Whatever your situation, I do my best to help you discover improved health and performance. This often begins with massage but quickly progresses into a conversation about your breathing and your functional movement. A sports and remedial massage can help you relax If you are struggling with tight muscles but your pain will return if we don’t find out what’s causing it. 

I am both empathic and intuitive in my approach. Together, we will address your areas of tension and help bring back better function and ease musculoskeletal pain. Importantly, massage combined with other tools becomes an invaluable part of injury prevention as I release unhelpful tension that could result in damage if not addressed. For this reason, people often book treatments in preparation for sporting events – or follow their competitions with a post-event massage.

What to expect from Rachel’s Sports Massage London

Clients really value my holistic approach and this is why they travel to the various London sports massage clinics where I work. I work with clients on goals that include improving their sleep, reducing stress and decreasing lactic acid build up in their muscles. This is the fruition of massage blended with the tools people need to build their better body and mind. All sessions are bespoke, so I flex what I provide based on the your needs on the day. At every client’s first session, I take their history and carry out a basic assessment followed by a customised treatment. Sometimes I also give you homework to help you get the best outcomes for both the short and long term.

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