Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy London – What’s the Difference?

Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy London – What’s the Difference?

Whilst sports massage aims to support the specific needs of a client’s sporting activities, soft tissue therapy, which has evolved from sports massage aims to support everybody using hands-on techniques to help people from all walks of life whether they suffer pain and discomfort from their sporting or active lifestyles or with musculoskeletal problems caused by life’s stresses.    Each client is treated differently based on presentation and history I work to meet the needs of the client on any given day.   

Whatever your situation, my aim is to improve your overall health, wellbeing and performance in whichever activity or sport you participate in. Soft tissue therapy can also help you relax if you’re struggling with tight muscles and get to the root cause of your pain.  This is the key to long-term healing. 

What to expect from Rachel’s Sports Massage London

Sessions with me always start with a conversation, injury history and discussion about your goals whether that be improving your sleep, reducing stress and anxiety or sporting or leisure performance.  I assess your breath, movement patterns that cause pain and discomfort and build a treatment plan, using a customised approach based my findings.  My approach is collaborative, educational and informative and I love feedback during the sessions.  Sessions nearly always end with some movement homework to help you get the best outcomes for both the short and long term. All sessions are bespoke, so I adapt what I provide based on your needs on the day.

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