Yoga Instruction & Education

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What yoga classes are available ‌near‌ ‌me? Rachel offers yoga classes at her home and at other locations across South and Central London. She helps beginners, intermediate and experienced practitioners extend the benefit of yoga by understanding your focus and personalising your practice.

The yoga benefits are both physical and mental. Yoga classes and private yoga instruction – or even yoga at home – helps us to connect to the present moment and give the mind a rest from everyday stresses. It helps us to establish our purpose in life and explore ways to connect with ourselves and the world around us so we can navigate the ever-fluctuating world with balance and ease.

Yoga for Flexibility and Yoga for core Strength

Yoga has become increasingly popular with footballers, athletes, runners and cyclists, as well as yoga students. Whatever your current level of wellbeing, you can improve your mobility, strength, mental focus, physical and mental health and flexibility. By joining a yoga class, you can reduce your risk of injury and improve both flexibility and functional strength. These benefits of yoga lead to improved sporting performance which is why yoga is increasingly popular with athletes and sports teams.

Rachel Barlow Yoga

Yoga Mentoring

Rachel is a highly experienced yoga teacher who provides mentoring for teacher trainees and teachers. She is also happy to answer questions that arise that can’t be answered in general classes. For teacher trainees and yoga teachers, Rachel can discuss things like the use of language, biomechanics, debunking myths around healthy movement and alignment, how to deal with different abilities and disabilities, how to make yoga classes more inclusive and how to adapt for individuals within a group setting.

Finding Yoga classes near me – learn with rachel in london

Rachel offers yoga in one to ones (both on an ongoing basis and in ad hoc lessons) as well as group classes. For sports teams, Rachel will come to your training ground and will follow all your Covid protection measures.

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