Private Yoga Lessons in London

I have worked in yoga studios all across London and now host yoga lessons at my home in East Dulwich, in your own home or online. I have 16 years’ experience working with students from beginner level to advanced practitioners, yoga teachers and those with injuries and disability.

My focus is on your mental and physical wellbeing, whether you are an athlete (like the pro footballers at Charlton Athletic), have an office job or would like to develop tools to support better sleep, manage stress and calm the mind. Whatever your level and whatever your goal, I can support you on your yoga journey. I’ll meet you where you’re at, personalise a practice to suit you and your lifestyle and guide you to a place that is supportive, autonomous, injury free and you may even hit personal bests in your chosen

Yoga is not just a physical practice, but also a mental and spiritual practice too. In fact, it’s a myth that you need a sticky mat to practice yoga! Yoga can come in all shapes and forms, but to me, yoga is about connection. Connection with the self, connection with the world and those around you. You’ll learn to be in your body (embodiment), learn to understand your body and in turn quieten the mind and learn to build awareness of your own thoughts and behaviours, build better relationships with yourself and others and you may find that this will lead you towards healthier lifestyle choices moving forward too!

Maybe you’ll want to have an introduction to yoga, have questions around your current yoga practice or you’re a teacher with lingering questions that you can’t answer yet. Maybe you have an injury that you need to find a way to navigate whilst you practice or haven’t found a solution to. Wherever you are, book in to see me for ad hoc sessions, regular sessions or a few sessions to get
you started.

Rachel Barlow working with a yoga client

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