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Breathing Exercise, Breath Work and Mental & Physical Health

Breathing exercise to improve breath work is central to Rachel’s therapeutic approach. Breathing profoundly affects our bodies so the right breathing exercise addresses a myriad of issues from poor sleep, poor gut health, back pain, headaches, injuries, anxiety, depression.

While holotropic breathing focuses purely on emotional health, Rachel’s breath work creates healthier breathing patterns. Discover the best lung exercises to build your better body.

mechanics of breathing and breathing techniques for Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Every musculoskeletal consultation begins with a breathing assessment because this primary function impacts on every other aspect of your body, mind and spirit. Rachel explores the impact your personal breathing style is having on your body and uncovers ways to optimise your breathing. Breath work and breathing training can reduce your risk of injury, down-regulate your nervous system, build core stability, reduce pain and address pelvic floor issues, amongst many other things. Healthy breathing increases fluidity in your movement patterns and improves sporting performance, endurance and recovery – as well as bringing greater ease in your every day life.

Breathing for Sleep

If you are wondering what to do if you can’t sleep, Rachel will find the right breathing technique for sleep to suit you and your lifestyle. Along with yoga nidra and other proven techniques, you will learn how breathing for sleep can transform your life. Sleep is vital for physical recovery, mental wellbeing, weight management and cognition. Clients say that learning breathing for sleep plus other strategies including building a better sleep routine is invaluable.

Breathing Exercise – Benefits for Covid and Long Covid Recovery

Many Covid and Long Covid patients struggle with low energy levels, chronic fatigue and shortness of breath. Other common Long Covid symptoms include depression, anxiety, menstrual health and immune health. Just as healthier breathing techniques improve function in the general population, Rachel’s empathic approach and ability to apply a range of tools to your situation can help you function more effectively post-Covid.

Anxiety and Depression – the role of breathing exercise

Breathing exercise for anxiety is like any other kind of self-care routine. Rachel has considerable experience of helping people with mild anxiety and depression by using effective breathing techniques for anxiety. Develop healthier breathing and more fluid movement through yoga for anxiety and discover an inner calm and peace of mind. It is inspiring to see how seemingly small changes in movement and finding the right breathing technique for anxiety or depression can improve your mental health and change your outlook on life.

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