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Rachel Barlow

THE ‘Why’

Driven By a Desire to Lead People to a Better Life Through Movement

Over her 20-year career Rachel Barlow has worked with everyone from pro-football clubs to the elderly in her local community. She has continuously upgraded her Therapeutic Toolbox – Practicing Sports Remedial Massage Therapy, Soft Tissue Therapy, NeuroKinetic® Therapy, Anatomy in Motion, Gyrokinesis®, breathing education, and has studied the art of Yoga in India.

She’s Focused on You

Rachel Barlow believes regaining or rebuilding a healthier life starts with perspective. Go to therapy because YOU WANT to feel better, Practice yoga because YOU WANT to think clearer… Move more because YOU WANT to be healthier. She believes the best way to live a better life or recover from an injury is to start simple. Wanting to be healthier/happier is not about making big commitments – it’s about making small daily choices.

Even though her approach may seem easy enough, Rachel’s experience has taught her that to re-align or repair a body, we must first rethink our want/need perspective, to be more Motion-minded – She’s tried almost every form of outdoor physical activity you can imagine (currently parkour!).

“…People have trouble reaching goals because of how they perceive it; Something that must be worked or sacrificed for, in order to achieve… why can’t it be looked forward to – enjoyable even?”

She’s Been Where You Are

Like any of us, over the years Rachel has experienced moments of lazy-exercising, struggling in many of the usual ways. She has known the hardships of physical pain, being actively-injured, and the traps of unhealthy living. However, today, her story is different – it’s about discovering how much power simple movement can have on our ability and desire to be healthier and happier.

“I can show you how little movements can have massive benefits.”

Rachel Takes Your Health Personally

When it comes to working with clients; her attitude is always compassionate, her plans are always bespoke while following five simple rules: listen, listen, listen, analyze & assist. She doesn’t consider herself an instructor or therapist, even though her extensive training would suggest otherwise. Like her patients, Rachel considers her skill set to be more attuned with that of a movement analyst, educator and motivator.

“My personal daily goal is to know a patient so well that I can see how to help them almost instantly.”

Rachel Barlow In Iceland

Rachel Barlow Qualifications & Certifications

  • Immaculate Dissection, Vleeming’s Slings – London, 2019
  • Immaculate Dissection, Core Concepts – London, 2018
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy level 2 – London, 2020
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy level 1 – London, 2017
  • Anatomy in Motion full 6 day immersion – UK, 2017
  • Yoga Nidra teacher training, Satyanda School of Yoga – London, 2014
  • Anatomy in Motion level 1 & 2 – UK, 2014
  • BTEC level 4 diploma Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy, London School of Sports Massage – London, 2009
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher training, Brahmani Yoga 500 hours – India, 2006
  • Sivananda Yoga teacher training 200 hours – India, 2005
  • Brahmani Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hrs – 2006
  • Satyananda School of Yoga, Yoga Nidra Teacher Qualification – 2014 
  • City & Guilds, Award in Education and Training (Level 3)2020
  • The Shala, Breathing Teacher Training from the Breathing Institute, held at the Shala – 2021 
Sivanda Yoga training
200 hours of Yoga training
Brahmani Yoga Teacher Trained
London School of Sports Massage
Anatomy in Motion immersion
NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 2 certified practitioner
Satyananda School of Yoga Yoga Nidra teacher qualification
City and Guilds Award in Education and Training (Level 3)
Breathing Teacher Trained

Reviews FROM Rachel Barlow CLIENTS

“I’ve really enjoyed the yoga sessions with Rachel Barlow. Firstly she is really friendly and goes out her way to help Me, especially with injury prevention work. I’ve found the yoga has helped me stay flexible and helped to prevent injuries because of this, meaning I have been able to stay available for selection for training and games. I’ve learnt a lot and also how important your breathing is whilst carrying out the movements and exercises Rachel puts us through. Having 3 young children the relaxation at the end of her sessions I really enjoy as it gives me a chance to really switch off. Highly recommend.”
– Jason Pearce, Team Captain, Charlton Athletic Football Club, London

“Since going to the Shala Yoga Centre I’ve always really enjoyed Rachel Barlow’s expertise and playful style of teaching. Rachel’s huge depth of knowledge, her passion and expertise will make you feel confident while she makes you focus on your core and breath.”
Sarah Bennie, London

“I’ve loved working with Rachel who has helped me begin to tackle some long-standing and post pregnancy issues. It’s been so refreshing to get to the root of those challenges and be equipped to build my mobility and own understanding of this fascinating field.”
– Helen Wellington, London

“Rachel has supported me with wrist and hamstring injuries, allowing me to continue with my yoga practise whilst I recovered. More importantly she has helped me understand how to adapt my practise and avoid repeating or exacerbating injuries. Her knowledge of anatomy is phenomenal and she always knows exactly what questions to ask to quickly understand how best to support me. She is also great fun to practise with and very responsive to what her students need.”
Abi Fellows, London

“Excellent lovely and easy to follow classes- I’m a regular!”
– Nelly, London

“I love Rachel’s vinyasa flow classes. The pace is just right, not too slow and not rushed, very grounding for the body and for the mind.  I have been experiencing lower back pain issues lately and her flow, with a focus on core and pelvis stability has been so good for my back! Thank you Rachel!”
– Cristina Berra, Italy

“I attend Rachel’s yoga classes regularly. They’re great. She’s an enthusiastic, intuitive and thoughtful teacher. She gets the tricky balance of focus and fun just right.”
– Rhodri, GP, London

where does Rachel Barlow Work?

In addition to Rachel’s direct clients, she works at The Shala and Evolution Rehab.


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