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Health and Wellbeing – A Personalised, Integrated Approach Towards Optimum Vitality

What if your future vision is to be healthy, vibrant, full of energy and motivation with meaningful connections, quality movement, nourishing food, good quality sleep, free of unhelpful stress, and a healthy work/life balance to help you get the most out of life?

Everyone wants a bit of that, don’t they?

Sometimes life can throw a bit of a curve-ball at us. However, with the right support, a vision of a healthy future and taking bite-sized steps towards your goals, managing those trickier times could leave you feeling like a fish in water, gliding through life in a way that looks and feels right for you!

If you are looking for a skilled practitioner to support you through those steps toward healthier lifestyle choices and a body that functions better, look no further. As an Adapt Certified Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing Coach, manual therapist, movement coach, and yoga teacher, I can help you find that zest for life and optimum vitality.

Building a Better Lifestyle For Body and Mind

Every client has unique wellness goals so it’s my job to ask the right questions to find out your needs and personalise my approach to you.

Whether you want to book in for a coaching conversation, manual or movement therapy or yoga session, I will find out where you are right now, what your desires are, and guide you in whichever direction is fitting at the time led by you.

By working in partnership with a highly intuitive professional, you will explore new techniques and discover new ways to achieve your wellbeing goals.


Sports Massage & Assisted Stretch Therapy

Health Coaching


Breath Work

Courses & Group Coaching


Every client starts from a different position, with their own wellness goals. Rachel’s thorough approach uncovers interconnected patterns within your body and she uses her broad understanding of different techniques to help you build your better body.

Clients who initially request yoga classes might discover that they get better results from movement therapy or breath work. Rachel takes time to understand you and develop a customised plan for recovery or to improve your performance. She focuses on your physical and mental wellbeing, whether you are an athlete (like the pro footballers at Charlton Athletic) or a dementia patient needing exercises for elderly people.

By working in partnership with a highly intuitive professional, you explore new techniques and discover new ways to achieve your well-being goals.


Let's start building a better you

Client Success Stories, Built One by One

"I’ve really enjoyed the yoga sessions with Rachel. Firstly she is really friendly and goes out her way to help Me, especially with injury prevention work. I’ve found the yoga has helped me stay flexible and helped to prevent injuries because of this, meaning I have been able to stay available for selection for training and games. I’ve learnt a lot and also how important your breathing is whilst carrying out the movements and exercises Rachel puts us through. Having 3 young children the relaxation at the end of her sessions I really enjoy as it gives me a chance to really switch off. Highly recommend."
Jason Pearce, Team Captain, Charlton Athletic Football Club, London

A better blog, designed for you

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