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Sports Massage – What Is It and How Does It Differ From Other Hands-On Therapies?
Sports Massage appears to originate from around 1900 when a Finnish School developed its first system of Sports Massage based on the Swedish Massage system. Sport and Remedial Massage came about after the London School of Massage (LSSM) realised that clients were coming in with injuries. Whilst Sports Massage was a form of deep tissue, […]
Why I Became a Health Coach
I was going to say that it all started in 2020/2021.  But now that I reflect on my journey, it didn’t really. Throughout my 30’s I was a full-time yoga teacher and part-time sports massage therapist, mostly vegetarian occasionally eating chicken and fish.  You’d have thought with all that yoga that I would be zen, […]
Sleep: Important For Our Overall Health and Wellbeing
I started writing this blog a couple of weeks ago after a terrible night’s sleep.  Much has happened since then which has affected my sleep length, but less so the quality of the sleep that I’ve had. That said, I am still a regular 5am wake-up person.  If I think back to my childhood, I […]
Healthy Movement for Life
Can you jump, climb, crawl? Can you throw and catch and balance on one foot? Can you get up off the floor without using your hands? How often do you play? Last week, I was fortunate enough to look after my 7-year-old neighbour.  Not so fortunate for her was the lingering chickenpox that was preventing […]
Functional Core and the Relationship With the Breath
Breath Work, Movement, Sports Performance, Yoga
“Stability is gained from highly coordinated muscle activation patterns involving many muscles and that the recruitment patterns must continually change depending on the task.” Stuart M McGill Have you ever been told to “brace” your core 20% of the time?I have. Have you been told that core stability is the cure-all to all back pain […]
Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy London - What's the Difference?
Whilst sports massage aims to support the specific needs of a client’s sporting activities, soft tissue therapy, which has evolved from sports massage aims to support everybody using hands-on techniques to help people from all walks of life whether they suffer pain and discomfort from their sporting or active lifestyles or with musculoskeletal problems caused […]

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