Manual & Movement Therapy

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Movement Therapy Programmes for body and mind

Movement therapy programmes and physical therapy sessions get you moving with maximum efficiency and movement potential. Rachel uses these therapies with anyone recovering from injury or with ongoing niggles, including musculoskeletal pain, repetitive/recurring injuries.

You can benefit from movement therapy programmes, whether you are an office worker, sportsperson, a novice exerciser, an athlete or someone who wants to improve your performance. Every step you take towards a healthy lifestyle will benefit you both now and in the future.

Sport & Remedial Massage

Choose remedial and sport massage to address any areas of tension and help bring back better function and ease musculoskeletal pain. Rachel provides a caring and thorough approach to help you continue safely and effectively with your training regime.

Core Strength & Stability Training & Education

Build your core stability for mobility and better joint function. A strong core increases your energy levels, improves coordination and enhances every aspect of your life and training. Rachel finds the best core strengthening exercises to enable you to develop a functional core. This will reduce your risk of injury, protect and / or improve any back pain and let you discover greater enjoyment in your daily life.

Core Stability

Movement Therapy, Rehabilitation & Education

Functional movement and reactivating a healthy posture makes everything you do more efficient. Everybody benefits from functional movement, but athletes, footballers, and yoga practitioners in particular value movement therapy in injury prevention. It is ideal for you if you want to restore movement and maintain your optimum life.

Running Training

Rachel will help you develop runners core workouts to help you train more effectively and gain more enjoyment from your running. With you, she will explore yoga for runners and apply functional movement techniques to make your running better. By developing a healthy posture and better breathing techniques, any runner can improve their performance, efficiency and prevent injury. Rachel will develop your customised programme, including applied yoga for runners’ core and stability.

Running Training

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