Manual Therapy & Movement Coaching

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Manual Therapy & Movement Coaching in London

As a manual and movement coach, my thorough approach aims to uncover dysfunctional patterns within your body using a broad understanding of different techniques designed to get you moving with maximum efficiency and movement potential by improving posture, helping you to recover from repetitive strain or recurring injuries and ongoing niggles and injury prevention.  I focus on soft tissue work, stretch therapy, biomechanics of the gait cycle and always do a breathing assessment for rehabilitation.

You can benefit from manual and movement coaching sessions, whether you’re an office worker, sports person, novice exerciser, athlete, or someone who wants to improve your performance. Every step you take towards a healthy lifestyle will benefit you both now and in the future.

Movement Coaching

Most, but not all, discomfort comes from poor movement patterns and uncoordinated movement patterns often borne out of previous injury, poor postural habits, work and life’s stresses.  Whatever your movement practice or chosen sport is, all movement; weight training, running, yoga, climbing etc, start with functional tools to activate the deep spinal stabilising muscles and reintroduce crawling and gait patterns back into your body. Most of us crawled and walked long before the inventions of yoga postures and weight training became a thing.  Going back to the basics of movement provides you with the fundamentals to become the best mover out there.  And that’s where I can help.

I use my deep understanding of biomechanics, anatomy, breath work and the gait cycle (Anatomy in Motion), to treat dysfunctional movement patterns in the body to help bring back patterns of movement that may have been lost.

I often start this assessment process using the Assisted Stretch Method or Anatomy in Motion (gait cycle) to help me and my clients understand their body better; to feel where restrictions lie and notice imbalances that may be arising passively and actively that might impede gliding and smooth movement anywhere else in the body.

Through constant dialogue, observation, adaptation and making a series of adjustments, wedging the feet and inviting and encouraging movement to happen elsewhere, your body (and mind) start to experience new movement pathways helping you to achieve healthier, functional movement, eliminating dysfunction and pain and provide you with the tools required for your sporting and movement goals whatever they may be.  I can then assist you further by bringing together all that knowledge into your weight training, running, yoga session or movement practice of your choice.

Assisted Stretch Therapy

Assisted stretch therapy is a method of hands-on manual therapy that uses gentle traction and gentle stretching of varying intensity. It’s a supportive, flowing practice where joints are taken through their available range of motion targeting joints, muscles and connective tissue. The results can be deep and long-lasting, helping to resolve discomfort, pain and assist in improving performance, posture, and overall wellbeing.

Sport & Remedial Massage

Sport and remedial massage helps to address any areas of tension and bringing back better function and easing of musculoskeletal pain. I  use a variety of techniques – deep tissue, assisted and resisted stretching and I provide a caring and thorough approach to help you continue safely and effectively with your training regime, prevent repetitive strain injuries from work-related issues and manage stress.

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