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Yoga Workshops Near Me, Breathing Workshops Online and Meditation Workshops

For yoga workshops near me, a yoga nidra workshop in London or even an online meditation and breath workshop, Rachel runs workshops for groups of all sizes. Her custom approach means she can tailor a breathwork workshop to your needs or you can join one of her sessions which she runs online or in person and which can be booked by members of the public.


Saturday 23rd April 2022: 2-4pm

Is your back stiff when you get out of bed in the morning?

Does your back seize up when you’ve been sitting down for too long?

Do you have tight shoulders?

Do your hips click in certain movements?

Do you feel stressed out?

Then this workshop might be for you ….

You don’t have to dig very far on Google to find out that approximately 1 in 6 adults in England have some sort of back pain. We move less, eat more and spend far too much time sitting at a desk on a computer more hours of the day than many of us would prefer. So, how can we prevent our backs from aching or hurting and how can we mitigate the amount of sitting time we do?

In this workshop, I will teach you some tried and tested methods of getting your spine moving more freely which you will be able to do in between online sessions, seated, lying down or even standing. You will learn why this is important for your overall health and wellbeing and how to implement it.

Places will be limited to 8 people so that I can provide individual attention.

Investment: £35.  Book my place now

Venue: Sunflower Centre, 81 Tressillian Road, London SE4 1XZ

Yoga Workshops Near Me – Or Onsite

Rachel also runs events for corporates. Pre-pandemic it was quite common for teams to look for yoga workshops on site. Like many other activities, these workshops are now run most often on Zoom. She can blend the topics to your team.

In addition to bespoke workshops, Rachel runs workshops that are open for general booking on a variety of topics.

Stay tuned to this page for information about upcoming workshops!!

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