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Functional Core and the Relationship with Core Stability

Last updated Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

Functional Core and the Relationship with Core Stability

Functional core is often overlooked in conversations about the role core muscle exercises play in building our core stability. Many people don’t realise that a functional core is far more important than developing a six pack. This is such a foundational part of everyone’s current and future health that I work on this area with many of my clients. I explain why and how to build core strength but I keep a close eye on achieving this with great core function. We still work on core strength exercises to improve sports performance or address shoulder, hip or back pain but I make sure that we do this without impinging my client’s breathing. A strong core with full functionality benefits all aspects of our lives.

Pregnancy and Your Core Muscles

I have worked with many mothers needing core strength exercises after pregnancy. With a new baby, you might feel too overwhelmed with nappies and sleepless nights to work on your core stability muscles but I will personalise your core strength exercises to fit into your hectic day. Even when your children are older, you can still rebuild your core. You might begin with core strengthening exercises for beginners but I will monitor and adjust your “homework” so you continue to improve and recover.

Core Strengthening Exercises for Sport

Sports people and athletes, from gym enthusiasts to footballers or triathletes ask my advice on the best exercises for core strength for their chosen sport. My experience with elite sports teams, gives me a keen sense of how to improve their performance and protect them from injury. I find exercises to enhance their stability and support their nervous system To develop a functional core, you need to release patterns you have unconsciously adopted to compensate. This can reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance.

Building a Better Functional Core

Supporting an unstable or dysfunctional core takes a lot of energy so you will feel energised as you develop body stability, increase mobility and develop better joint function. My bespoke packages typically include core exercises and breath work for powerful results.

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