Working With An Older Population

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Exercise for elderly

Exercise for elderly people reduces the risks of falls, improves cognition, increases energy levels and is central to maintaining and improving quality of life in older adults. Fall in elderly people can be the catalyst for a decline in overall health and wellbeing; which prompts families to start exploring “exercise for old people” when, in truth, you are never too young to start thinking about your health in older age. So, even if you don’t feel old, what professionals call exercise for older adults will still improve your balance which is the key to reducing your risk of falls. Rachel also supports clients in improving their strength and mobility, as well as enhancing their quality of life and reducing loneliness through social interaction. In turn, this supports people with their overall brain health. Prevention begins now!

Rachel has clients from 60 to almost 100 who feel stronger and able to continue walking without assistance through gentle but consistent work to build core strength and balance.

Rachel is considerate, kind, and understanding when it comes to elderly fall prevention concerns, so you do not need to worry about anything.

Working With An Elderly Population

Dementia Care, activities and exercise

Rachel’s activities for dementia in elderly patients or anyone in cognitive decline include movement and breathing but her approach is carefully individualised to suit the condition and needs of her client. She is a talented musician so she uses music, voice and rhythm to engage people who have enjoyed music throughout their life. Her playful, creative nature inspires her clients to remember their joyful times and combats some of the anxiety that is so common among dementia patients. This approach can help to slow down the deterioration in someone’s brain health.

Movement Therapy and exercise for elderly

As exercise for elderly people improves their quality of life, Rachel supports older adults in rediscovering a range of motion through movement therapies which are suited to older people. Clients and their families may ask about “exercise for old people” and in this situation Rachel typically aims to help people progress from, for example, chair yoga to any form of appropriate movement and restorative yoga for seniors.

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