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Covid and Long Covid Recovery

Who It’s For
1. Anyone who is recovering from Covid or who has Long Covid

  • Why It’s Important
  1. We don’t really know the long-term effects that covid has brought to millions of people, but what we do know is that symptoms of chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety, headaches, hormone imbalances, the developing of allergies and reduction in immune function, high liver function seem to be following those who have suffered with covid.
  2. Improved lung capacity and lung function
  3. To restore health, vibrancy and energy and rehabilitate from the effects of long-covid


  • Examples of Personalisation
  1. Based on history and assessment, we will build a strategy to improve all of the above with breathing techniques and tools to help recover fully from the effects that Covid has had.
  2. A completely bespoke approach. Covid seems to have effected people in lots of different ways, so a blanket approach cannot be applied here.


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